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About Darryl

When it comes to Kingston, Mac's roots run deep. Born, raised and still residing in Kingston's North end, Mac has cultivated a lifetime of close relationships both in his community and throughout the city. 

From his time as a student at First Avenue Public School, to his years spent playing hockey at the Memorial Centre and baseball in the Kingscourt Baseball Association (KBA) --  eventually playing for the Kingston Canadians and Voyageurs -- to when he graduated from St. Lawrence College after studying Business Marketing, Mac has always known this city is his passion. More than that, it's been his calling. 

For over 20 years, Mac has owned and operated a successful business on Princess Street. He’s also a dedicated volunteer for the KBA and the Church Athletic League, where he lends his expertise as a youth coach. Today, he still lives in the city's north end with his two beautiful children Payton and Joshua. 

Why I’m Running

I’m concerned about the lack of active representation for our north end neighbourhood. While the needs of the north end should by no means overshadow the issues we need to address for the city as a whole, this vibrant and essential neighbourhood is often neglected. A city can’t be strong unless all its communities are strong.

I’m here to fight for the best Kingston possible, and that begins with taking stock of the health of our districts, separately. The north end faces unique district issues, particularly property standards, traffic control, park quality and community safety. We need to make active progress on everyday concerns for residents. I believe councillors should be effective and accessible – putting the needs of citizens ahead of their own political agendas. I am here to work hard for our neighbourhood so we can all enjoy a more vibrant, vital city.


Building a Better North End

Born, raised, and still living in the north end has made Mac a passionate and informed  member of Kingscourt Rideau district. His plans to improve the present and future of the neighbourhood include:

  • Proactive affordable housing & property standards management

  • Neighbourhood improvement

  • Enhanced community green spaces, parks and open spaces


Proactive Affordable Housing & Property Standards Management

  • Implement a proactive approach to increase property standards
  • Focus on quality affordable housing in the area
  • Facilitate cleaner neighbourhoods --families deserve a clean community!

Neighbourhood Improvement

  • LeRoy Grant extension needs to move forward to alleviate traffic issues from new schools
  • Require a progressive approach to traffic management to handle new volume from the 3rd crossing
  • Focus on keeping our neighbourhood together; issues like school closing have gone unopposed

Enhance Community Green Spaces, Parks and Open Spaces

  • Park maintenance, upgrades and investments for the waterfront and Sydenham ward seem to be much higher priorities for the last council than the north end. Why is that?
  • Let’s enhance our green spaces with the development of a Bike Trail from 3rd Ave to Counter St – and connect to the K&P Trail
  • Greater community policing efforts to support safer streets for our residents


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